Interview with LadyQ on being on radio

  1. Describe how you felt being on radio, sharing your story, what it means for you and the community

“I was so happy to be on radio…. sharing my story to the community was the best for me coz I know my story well help so many people…
That they still don’t want to go out there to ask for help so now I believe my message was heard and it will work and change so many lives LGBTI. It is all so that they can be free, to live as they wish. I am happy that they know that we are like any other human being and we have rights. It is not safe for us, we cannot develop ourselves freely as people talk about you everywhere you go. We are used for sex, we cry often and cannot seek out help. Sometimes it feels like living in death.

  1. Share on your experience in Francistown and how engaging with residents felt, were there any differences compared to Gaborone?

Lot of people in Francistown they still don’t know a lot about LGBTI. Its less developed, culture rules and many gays are married due to family pressure. They can cover up just as others in Gaborone. There is more talk on the rights of LGBTI in Gaborone. Some just mind their own business and let others be.

  1. You have once ran a small business, what is it like?

Running a small business its not a easy thing to do even to find clients… Being LGBTI means people will talk about you everywhere you go. I once tried selling to a man and he asked me many questions. He asked me how we have sex, he wanted to know if I am male or female. He made jokes. Business varied also because many would also sell similar products. But it was clear that being different played a role in how clients approached me. Especially those who deny our existence.

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