Social media as a tool where homophobia and transphobia dominate

“There is a lot of derogatory and loathing in the comments.”

Although the initial creation of these social media platforms was to propagate positive vibes some individuals wrongly use them. Every time something is written on social media about our community there is always a form of hatred resurfacing during commenting from members of the society. There is a lot of derogatory and loathing in the comments. There have been so many incidents where individuals and Facebook pages post photos on either a gay person or a transgender person mostly articles where they are sharing their stories and the comments from people came out perpetuating negativity. Some comments also came in with insults attached and curses on how we should all die so the world can be a better place without us. Also, in these social media streets we tend to face a lot of cyber bullying. We are bullied in many forms, sometimes a person downloads our images and post them to groups or to their timelines so people can comment. This can be emotionally challenging and weighing on our self esteems. This can also leave us questioning our existence.

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