TI YAPO, new documentary

International Day of Transgender Visibility provides an opportunity for all of us in our truth, power and beauty, to reflect on our journey and power as individuals, community and Batswana. It is a privilege to introduce another beautiful product from one of our partnerships, the first ever documentary on LGBTQ+ youth in four languages, centered on our experiences in Botswana, as Batswana.

This will be the official link for distribution.  It is a great way to commemorate a day that we hope in the near future, will be less about our struggles, and more about our successes as change agents, a community and as Batswana. We hope you are safe during this COVID-19 crisis and in supporting the need for all of us to exercise care and physically distance ourselves; please enjoy TI YAPO: Matshelo A Rona (translated WE ARE HERE in Kalanga: Our Lives in Setswana).


First Ever LGBTQ+ Youth documentary on lived experiences, First Ever documentation of LGBTQ+ issues in four languages; English, Setswana, Seherero and Kalanga.

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